About IAB

The Insurance Adjustment Bureau, Inc. (IAB) is a privately held firm of public adjusters—advocates for property owners with residential or commercial losses.

We do not work for insurance companies. We work for you, advising and assisting with estimates, appraisals, inventories, claim filing, policy interpretation, as well as dealing directly with your insurance company, and much more.

We’re there to handle things never considered, to put fine print into simpler language, to make sure insurance companies play by the rules—from beginning to end of the process, never quitting until our clients get the settlement they deserve: the maximum settlement.

Founded in 1964, IAB is owned and managed by second-generation brothers of the Straff family. We are an accomplished and respected firm with over 30 employees, including in-house attorneys and accountants. The Straff brothers continue to carry on the firm’s tradition of excellence through continuing education, keeping abreast of an evolving insurance environment—and hard work.

With thousands of clients served and millions of dollars recovered since the firm was established, IAB continues to manage the complexities of the claims process quickly and efficiently.

Our team of qualified professionals will help you get the maximum settlement in the minimum amount of time.

When disaster strikes, IAB is just a phone call away. We’re there for you from beginning to end:

  • Assisting you with forms, paperwork and negotiations
  • Putting the fine print into language you can understand
  • Handling the things you never considered
  • Making sure your insurance company plays by the rules