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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve recently experienced damage to your property. Maybe it was from a fire, a burst pipe, a storm, or some other disaster. The aftermath of loss calls for fast action, clear, calm thinking—and the guidance that comes with experienced professional representation. Insurance companies move quickly to protect their interests, and so should you.

Your first call should be to the Insurance Adjustment Bureau, Inc. (IAB).

Many property owners don’t realize how difficult and time-consuming the claims process can be, especially if you are learning as you go or, worse, winging it. Damage needs to be assessed and documented properly. You’re being told to clean up, but you don’t want to discard valuable evidence. The more you read the fine print in your policy—which contains stipulations and requirements—the more confusing it becomes. You know you need help!

Since 1964, thousands of people suffering residential losses have turned to IAB. Our team of experts advises and helps clients through the complex claim process. Our experience enables us to protect your interests while complying with the insurance policy’s requirements.

We'll fight to obtain the settlement you deserve – the maximum settlement – in the minimum amount of time.