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Because the claim begins before the smoke clears.SM

Your client calls… There’s been a devastating fire, and they don’t know what to do. They’ve never had a fire, let alone lost everything. Or the damage might be from a storm, a flood, a structural collapse, even a burst water pipe. Whatever the cause, when they’ve had problems in the past, they’ve turned to you for advice. Their questions are piling up and you need answers fast. One thing is clear: every second and every dollar counts. You need an expert at the site immediately.

Your first call should be to the Insurance Adjustment Bureau, Inc. (IAB). We are public adjusters, and we are experts at the preparation of insurance claims and their supporting materials. We don’t work for insurance companies. We work for you and your client, offering guidance and assistance in the claims process. On your behalf, we’ll immediately go to the scene and assess the damage. We’ll then advise you and your client so that correct decisions are made to maximize their recovery.

The full-service IAB team can organize the chaos and help your client recover from a seemingly impossible situation.

We'll fight to obtain the settlement they deserve – the maximum settlement – in the minimum amount of time.